Production and technological facilities

Production of parts, assemblies, complete machines


We are able to mill in 3 to 5 axes different types of materials such as:

steel, cast iron, stainless steel, tool steels, hardox, weldox, inconel, heat resistant steels, frost-resistant steels, aluminum alloys, plastics

-standard dimensions
2030 x 810 x 810 mm (x,y,z)

-maximum dimensions
5000 x 2500 x 1000 mm (x,y,z)


We are able to turn parts in the highest precision from materials such as:

classical steel, cast iron, stainless steel, tool steels, aluminum alloys, plastics

-standard dimensions
Ø 230 mm and length 600 mm

-maximum dimensions
Ø 550 mm and length 2500 mm


  • MIG / MAG welding

-maximum weight
of weldments 1000 kg

-Welded materials:
steel, aluminum alloy


  • TIG (WIG) welding

-maximum weight
of weldments 200 kg

-Welded materials:
steel, stainless steel

Surface treatment

  • blackening, zinc plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, quenching
  • Painting (wet and powder paint)
  • Elox (natural, satin, gold, red, black)
  • TempCoat, teniferace, COR oxid
  • Blasting of steel, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and brass materials

Assembly shop

We are able to assemble products up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg, including pneumatic,

hydraulic and other purchased parts from various subcontractors, such as: